About Us


The Oklahoma Scottish Pipes and Drums (OSPD) was established in August of 1998 with the expressed goals of:

  1. Preserving and perpetuating Scottish Pipe band traditions, ideals, customs and attire (see our uniform options here).
  2. Promoting Celtic customs and culture
  3. Providing a means of learning, developing skills in, and performing high quality music of Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and other Celtic traditions.

Oklahoma Scottish Pipes and Drums strives for musical excellence in all of its performances, engagements, and functions, whether they be private, public, paid or volunteer. In order to achieve and maintain musical excellence OSPD has:

  1. Established a rigorous schedule of several practice/rehearsal sessions per week
  2. Insisted on continual improvement within the band, and frequent feedback from pipe band experts by participating in pipe band and solo pipe competitions. Evidence of OSPD’s success is exhibited by the numerous trophies and medals garnered by the band and its soloists.
  3. Constantly encourage a positive teaching atmosphere and band camaraderie to enhance the learning process.